Importing from BrightPay 2016

On completing the installation of BrightPay 2017 a new separate icon will be created on your desktop to access the 2017 payroll software program.

BrightPay 2017 is installed separately to BrightPay 2016.  If you used BrightPay 2016 you will need to instruct BrightPay 2017 to import your employer data files and all associated employee data records from 2016 into 2017.  

All employee data records will be reset for the start of the new tax year and all associated budgetary changes will be applied as per Revenue instruction.

It is important that on completion of setting up all employer data files for 2017 that you import your 2017 P2C file prior to finalising any 2017 payslips. 

Importing your 2016 Employer files into 2017

On completing the installation of BrightPay 2017 choose the option to Import the data files.

  • Select Import
  • Choose Import from BrightPay 2016...

  •  Browse to the location of your 2016 BrightPay data files and select Open


  •  BrightPay will now commence the import function setting up the employer data file and importing all employees with active employment records.


  •  BrightPay will indicate when the import from 2016 is complete.  The employer will now be added to the Employer listing for BrightPay 2017.




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