A P60 is a certificate of income issued by you the employer to all employees in your employment at the end of the tax year. A P60 is an employee's certificate of income for the tax year.  P60s are only issued to employees who are still in your employment at 31st December.  Only one copy is required per employee.

It should be issued to all employees by the 15th of February.

Revenue no longer issue P60 stationery. All payroll software providers are permitted to print the P60 template to blank A4 paper.

 A P60 template is available on the ROS online and offline application, however we cannot support printing to this template.

BrightPay facilitates both printing and emailing of P60s. Before sending a P60 electronically, however, it is advised that an employer checks with an employee that they are happy to receive their P60 in this manner, in the event that an employee does not have the facility to access and print a copy securely.


Printing P60s in BrightPay


To print a P60 for one or more employees, click Revenue > P60s > Print P60 Certificates:


  1. From the employee listing, select the employees for whom you wish to print a P60.

  2. Next select whether you would like the P60s to be printed in English or Irish.

  3. Click Print Preview

  4. The selected employees' P60s will now be displayed on screen. These can now be printed to plain paper to give to the employees by clicking Print.


Emailing P60s in BrightPay


To email P60s to one or employee, click Revenue > P60s > Email P60 Certificates:


  1. On the left hand side select the employees for whom you wish to email P60s. Please note only employees for whom you have email addresses entered will be displayed. Several options for selecting which P60s to email are available by clicking the ‘Select By’ button.

  2. Next select whether you would like the P60s to be in the English or Irish language.

  3. On the right hand side, enter a ‘Reply-to’ email address. This is a mandatory field and a valid email address must be entered before the emails can be sent. If required, more than one CC email address can also be entered in the box below.

  4. Enter a subject of your choice for your emails, either by manually typing this in or by using the smart text options.

  5. Likewise, enter a description to accompany the P60 if desired, by manually typing this in the box provided or using the smart text facility.


If you would like to password protect the P60s, simply tick the box provided. Employee passwords must be entered beforehand within their HR section in order for the P60 to be password protected on receipt. Password protection is recommended if the recipient is not in a secure environment when they receive their P60 and will ensure that the P60 can only be viewed when the password is entered.

When ready to email the P60s, simply click ‘Send Emails’.

Need help? Support is available at 01 8352074 or brightpayirelandsupport@brightsg.com.

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