Migrating from SAGE Micropay to BrightPay



If you are migrating to BrightPay from SAGE Micropay, employee data can be imported into BrightPay via CSV file format as follows:


  • First, within your SAGE Micropay software, create a new report using the ‘Report Writer’:



  • Within the Report Writer, choose the data file ‘Employee File’:



  • In each of the drop-down fields, choose the element you wish to export – name, address, gross pay, tax, employee PRSI, employer PRSI etc:



  • Once you have selected the fields you wish to import, click Process:



  • The results will be displayed on screen for you:

  • To export the information displayed, highlight all of the columns by clicking and dragging with your mouse. Next, click Edit > followed by Copy:


  • Now open up a new Excel spreadsheet and paste in the copied data:




  • Save the file as a CSV file by going to File > Save As and change the file type to CSV. Enter a name for the file (e.g Employee Data) and select a location to save to. When ready, press Save:



  • To install BrightPay, simply select the ‘Download’ option on the BrightPay website (www.brightpay.ie) and click on ‘Download/Upgrade’ option under 'Existing Customers' and click the 'Download' button. Follow the on-screen instructions accordingly to complete the download.


  • Once downloaded, open BrightPay and select Create New Employer to set up your employer file:



  • When asked 'How would you like to use BrightPay?', choose the option to 'Continue Partway in the Tax Year':


  • Enter your employer details accordingly and at the prompt, save your employer file to a location of your choice:


  • Once you have your employer file set up and open, simply click Import Employees from CSV:

  • Browse to the location of your Employee CSV file, select this and press Open:


  • For each column, choose the employee data it represents. Ignore any columns and uncheck any rows you do not wish to be imported.
  • You will also need to uncheck the header row for the import to be successful.


  • When ready, click ‘Import’. Your employee data will now be imported and can now be accessed through the Employees tab:



  • Mid-year cumulative pay information imported in via your CSV file can also be viewed here in each employee’s ‘Mid-Year Totals’ section:


Please note: we recommend that all employee details are reviewed before processing any payroll to ensure information imported in is correct and applicable for the tax year in question.

To view/ print a' mid-year start summary' report, simply click 'Employees > More > View/Print Mid Year Start Summary Report...':

  • When ready, click the Payroll tab to commence processing payroll.


Need help? Support is available at 01 8352074 or brightpayirelandsupport@brightsg.com.

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