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Submitting a P46/P45 Part 3 to ROS

For new employees who have provided a P45 from previous employment, a P45 Part 3 can be submitted to ROS , in order to register the new employee.

For new employees commencing mid-year who do not provide their new employer with a P45, a P46 can be completed and submitted to ROS instead.

The submission of a P46 or P45 Part 3 to Revenue will result in Revenue issuing a P2C/ Tax Credit Certificate to the new employer for their new employee(s) via ROS.

For assistance with preparing a ROS P45 Part 3 file in BrightPay, click here . For assistance with preparing a ROS P46 file in BrightPay, click here . 

To submit a P46 or P45 Part 3 to ROS go to www.revenue.ie > ROS Login

  • Under My Services - select Upload a Form Completed Offline 

  • Select New Employee from the listing 

  • Click Add File(s) 
  • Browse to where you have saved your ROS P46/ ROS P45 Part 3 file. Select your file and click 'Open'




  • Enter your Password 

  • Click Upload File(s) 

Once successfully submitted, confirmation will display on screen accompanied by a confirmation number for the submission.

Need help? Support is available at 01 8352074 or support@brightpay.ie.

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