To access this utility, go to Employees > Select Employee from listing > HR. Complete the HR section as follows:

Job Title

Enter the employee’s job title, if applicable. 

Starting Salary

Enter the employee’s starting salary, if known. 

Employment Arrangements

If applicable, any employment arrangements made between the employer and employee can be entered here. 

Next Review Date

Enter a review date as a reminder that a review is pending. 


Enter the employee's nationality, if known. This is an optional field.

Passport number

Enter the employee's passport number, if known.  This is an optional field. 


Enter any medical information relating to the employee, if known.


Enter any other notes of importance in this section.

Employee Photo

To add the employee’s photo to their record, double click on the photo icon and browse to where you have the photo saved. Please note, the image file must be a .jpg file.



Emergency contact details can also be added in this utility

The employee’s HR details are now complete. Now select the ‘CSO’ tab to continue to set up the employee’s record.


Need help? Support is available at 01 8352074 or

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