Simple pricing.
No surprises.

We have priced our BrightPay licence options in the same way that we have built it: clear and simple. And we don't charge any extra for customer support. All licences can be activated on up to 10 PCs.

NOTE: All prices below are per tax year
and exclude VAT.


For employers.


One employer
Unlimited employees

For large employers


One employer
Up to 25 employees

For medium-sized employers


One employer
Up to 10 employees

For small employers


For payroll service providers.


Unlimited employers
Unlimited employees

For large payroll bureaus


Up to 25 employers
Unlimited employees

For medium-sized bureaus


Up to 10 employers
Unlimited employees

For small payroll bureaus


For single-employee companies.

We are offering a free BrightPay employer licence to aid with PAYE Modernisation duties for single-employee companies.

This includes free email support, but does not include any form of phone support – if you require phone support, please consider a Standard Licence.

Obtaining a Free licence requires a simple online registration. Click below to get started.

BrightPay Connect

BrightPay Connect is an integral part of modern payroll that provides automated backup of your payroll data to the cloud and a powerful web-based self-service dashboard for your clients or employees.

Connect is billed at the end of each calendar month based on your total number of active employees in that month. Payments for Connect are automatically taken using the payment details you set up in your Bright ID billing preferences. For further savings, please contact our friendly sales team and ask about our 12 month options.

Calculate Your Monthly Bill

  • per month

Example Monthly Bills

  • €0.63 per month
    1 employee
  • €2.63 per month
    5 employees
  • €4.90 per month
    10 employees
  • €10.93 per month
    25 employees
  • €19.88 per month
    50 employees
  • €35.07 per month
    100 employees
  • €72.50 per month
    250 employees
  • €124.04 per month
    500 employees
  • €199.99 per month
    1000 employees


All prices above are quoted excluding VAT.

VAT will be automatically added during checkout. After any purchase or payment collection, you will receive an invoice with the VAT figure stated and our company VAT number included.

Licence Duration

BrightPay licences are sold per tax year.

If you purchase the 2024 version of BrightPay, you will be able to use it to process payroll for the 2024 tax year only. Your licence will not expire, in that you can keep BrightPay installed and revisit the 2024 tax year whenever you need. But when you need to process 2025 payroll, you will need to purchase a new licence for the new tax year.

Previous Versions

Versions of BrightPay for previous tax years are available to purchase. Click a tax year below:

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