Payroll Journal Export to Accounts Packages

BrightPay's payroll journal feature allows users to create wage journals from finalised periods. These journals can then be exported to a CSV file, ready to import into various accounting packages.

BrightPay currently supports file formats with default nominal ledger code mapping for three accounting software providers - Quickbooks, Sage and Xero. A 'generic' journal option is also available for those who use other accounting software packages. Generic payroll journals can be saved and added to your journal listing for future use.


Payroll Journals in BrightPay

In BrightPay, each payroll journal file is customised to the individual accounting software provider, with compatible files and built-in nominal ledger mapping. Essentially, this mapping tells the payroll where things get posted to in the accounting system.

With BrightPay, users can decide if they wish to include individual journal records for each employee, or if they want to merge the employee records into total records for each unique payment date. There is also the option to specify circumstances where amounts are to be mapped to alternate nominal account codes (e.g. depending on period type, directorship, departments, specific rates/additions/deductions, etc.).

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