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BrightPay and Surf Accounts Integration

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Using API technology, BrightPay offers full integration with Surf Accounts allowing both the payroll software and accounting software system to directly communicate with each other.

BrightPay will produce the payroll journal in a file format that is unique to Surf Accounts allowing users to easily send their payroll figures into their general ledger. The BrightPay API facility eliminates the manual export and import process, automating tedious, repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

By using BrightPay and Surf Accounts together, users will be able to increase efficiency, avoid duplication of efforts and reduce the possibility of manual processing errors.

How does the BrightPay and Surf Accounts integration work?

  • When you sign into your Surf Accounts profile in BrightPay, your nominal ledger accounts will be retrieved where users can simply map each payroll data item to the relevant nominal account.
  • The payroll journal can include records for payslips across multiple pay frequencies.
  • Users can include individual records for each employee or merge the records for each unique date.
  • A nominal account can be used for multiple items.
  • You can also specify any circumstances for which amounts should be mapped to an alternate nominal account code (e.g. depending on period type, directorship, departments, specific rates/additions/deductions, etc.).
Watch the BrightPay and Surf Accounts video or check out this help guide to find out more about BrightPay's integration with Surf Accounts.


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About Surf Accounts

Surf Accounts is a wholly owned Irish company that was founded in 2011. Surf Accounts is a member of the Relate Software Group, the largest supplier of software to the accountancy profession in Ireland.

Surf Accounts is a cloud based accounting software and CRM system perfectly suited to small and medium sized businesses. Their easy to use online accounts packages help business users take charge and produce their accounts where and whenever they choose.
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