Revenue Details

Important Notes


  • The 'Revenue Details' section is one of the most important sections on the payroll software.

  • The information you enter in this section for each employee will determine the PAYE, PRSI, USC, LPT they will pay during the tax year. 

  • All new employees must be set to Week 1/Month 1 Basis until they have been registered with the Revenue Commissioners, or put on Emergency Tax if they have joined you with no P45 or previous employment details.

  • Once an employee has been registered, you will be issued with a P2C file or a Tax Credit Certificate form which will indicate if the employee should remain on a Week 1/Month 1 Basis or change to Cumulative Basis.



To access this utility, go to Employees > Select Employee from listing > Revenue Details. Complete the Revenue Details section as follows:

Calculation Basis

Tick to indicate whether the employee is on a Cumulative, Week 1/ Month1 or Emergency basis, as stated on their tax credit certificate.

Exemption/ Exclusion

If any exemptions or exclusions apply to the employee with regard to PAYE/ USC, select the applicable exemption/ exclusion from the drop down menu.


Enter the employee’s tax credit and cut-off point as stated on their tax credit certificate and according to their pay frequency.


Enter the employee’s Universal Social Charge cut-off points as stated on their tax credit certificate and according to their pay frequency. If the standard USC cut-off point values apply, simply click the ‘Edit’ button and select this option to auto-populate the USC fields. If only two USC cut-off points are stated on the employee’s tax credit certificate, click the ‘Edit’ button and select ‘Use 2 cut off points" then adjust the cut off points if necessary.

Please note: Importing a P2C file into the payroll software will automatically update employees’ Revenue information

PRSI Category

From the drop-down menu, select the statement that applies to the employee. This will determine the PRSI charge to be applied to the employee’s pay, therefore it is of utmost importance that the correct statement is chosen here.

PRD Calculation Method

With effect from 1st March 2009, the Pension Related Deduction (PRD) must be applied to the remuneration of public servants. If PRD is to be deducted from the employee, select the method of PRD calculation that applies to them from the drop down menu.

The employee’s revenue details are now complete. Now select the ‘HR’ tab to continue to set up the employee’s record.

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