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Creating a New Report

To access the Reporting function, click Analysis.

This option allows you to create a customised report of your choice. The parameters and aspects of the report can be defined by you and saved to your favourites for future use.

To create a new report, select New Report 

1)     Enter a Report Name of your choice.

2)     Under the ‘Report’ section, choose the period or periods you wish to run the report for using the drop down menus.

3)     Select whether you wish to report on ‘Employees’, 'Department totals’ or ‘Both employees and department totals’.

4)     Next, select any additional options you wish to apply in the report.

5)     Under the ‘Employees’ section, select which employees you wish to include in the report by clicking the Add/ Remove button. To save your selection, click OK. Alternatively, click on the Edit button while hovering over an employee’s name for further selection options.

6)     Under the ‘Columns’ section, select the information you would like to include in your report by clicking the Add/ Remove button. To clear the current settings, simply click ‘None’ at the top of the screen to begin again. To save your selection, click OK.

7)     To re-order the fields selected, simply drag each field to the position required. More ordering options can be found by clicking on the Edit button while hovering over a particular field.

8)     Once you have chosen your report parameters, simply click ‘Run Report’to view.


Editing the Report

After running the report, should you wish to edit the parameters of the report again:

1)     Click Edit on the menu toolbar.

2)     Amend the parameters as desired.

3)     Click Run Report to view again.


Saving the Report

If you would like to save the report you have created, simply select Save on the menu toolbar:

1)     Type in a Report Name of your choice.

2)     Select whether you wish the program to automatically use the latest dates each time the report is opened or to save and use the exact dates you have specified.

3)     Likewise, select whether you wish the program to automatically select all relevant employees each time the report is opened or to save and use the exact employees you have selected yourself.

4)     Should you wish to save the report to your analysis toolbar for future use, simply tick the box provided.

5)     Click Save to save your new report. 


Please note: Once reports have been saved, these can be managed at any time using the ‘Manage Reports’ option on the menu toolbar. This utility will also allow you to delete any reports no longer needed.


Printing the Report

To print the report:

1)     Click Print on the menu toolbar and select Print Current Report.... A print preview of the report will be displayed on screen. Press Print again to print out the report.

2)     Should you need to change the orientation, paper size or print margins for the report, these can be amended by clicking Print on the menu toolbar and selecting Page Setup.


Exporting the Report

To export the report to file (e.g. Excel), to Document or to Clipboard:

1)     Click Export on the menu toolbar and select the desired option.

2)     Save the report to a location of your choice, if applicable.

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