Updating Existing Employee Details from a CSV File

BrightPay provides the option to import updates for existing employees using CSV file.  

This is a useful feature for users wishing to import, for example, address changes, rate changes, update bank details, batch process leave dates etc.

To use this utility, go to File > Import/ Export Data > Import/Update Employees from a CSV File...


1) Browse to the location of your Employee CSV File

2) Select the required file and click 'Open'

3) Your employee information will be displayed on screen. For each column, choose the employee data it represents. Ignore any columns and uncheck any rows you do not wish to be imported

Important Note:

In order for BrightPay to match row data against existing employees, it will use the 'identity columns'. These 'identity columns' are:

  • Name

  • Surname

  • Works Number

  • PPS Number

At least one of the above columns must be selected by the user to trigger a match attempt. Rows will be deemed to match only if the values for all selected identity columns equal those for the employee.

  • To assist with column selection, simply select 'Match Header Row'. BrightPay will try and match as many columns as it can for you.
  • If you would like BrightPay to remember your column selections for any similar CSV imports you may perform in the future, simply instruct BrightPay to 'Remember Columns'. BrightPay will subsequently remember the column selection used in the previous import when you next import an employee CSV file.

  • Should you wish to reset your column selection at any time, select 'Reset All Columns'.

  • Should you not wish to add employees with a leave date in a previous year, select this within 'Options'

4) When ready, click Import to update your existing employee information.


Points to Note

  • Invalid updates will be prevented (e.g. attempting to change an employee's start date after their payslip has been finalised).

  • Where the employee has a currently open pay period, relevant updates will be applied to that period and going forward (e.g department changes)

  • This utility cannot be used to change employee data that is classed as an 'identity column' i.e. name, surname, works number and PPS number.


Employee data which can be imported in to update existing employee records are:

Personal Details:


Middle Name


Date of Birth


Passport Number


Contact Details:

Address Line 1

Address Line 2

Address Line 3




Email Address

Phone Number


Employment Details:

Employment ID



Calculation Basis

Has PAYE Exclusion Order

Has A1 Certificate

Annual Tax Credit

Annual Tax Cut-Off Point

Is Exempt from USC

Annual USC Cut-Off Point 1

Annual USC Cut-Off Point 2

Annual USC Cut-Off Point 3

PRSI Class

Is Exempt From PRSI

PRSI Exemption Reason

Total LPT to be Deducted

ASC Calculation Method

Is on EWSS

Shadow Payroll

Annual Leave Entitlement Calculation Method

Leave Year Start Date

Is Annual Leave Carried Over From Previous Year

Number of Annual Leave Days Carried Over From Previous Year

Number of Annual Leave Days in Year

Number of Annual Leave Days in Month

Number of Hours in Working Day

Is Monday a Typical Working Day

Is Tuesday a Typical Working Day

Is Wednesday a Typical Working Day

Is Thursday a Typical Working Day

Is Friday a Typical Working Day

Is Saturday a Typical Working Day

Is Sunday a Typical Working Day



Start Date

Previous Employment Taxable Pay

Previous Employment Tax

Previous Employment USC-able Pay

Previous Employment USC

Previous Employment ASC-able Pay

Previous Employment ASC

Leave Date

Is Deceased



Payment Frequency

Annual Pay Rate

Period Pay Rate

Standard Daily Rate of Pay

Standard Hourly Rate of Pay

Payment Method

Payment Bank Name

Payment Bank Branch

Payment Bank Sort Code

Payment Bank Account Name

Payment Bank Account Number

Payment Bank Reference

Payment BIC

Payment IBAN



Job Title

Document Password

BrightPay Connect - Enable Self Service

BrightPay Connect - Is Confidential

Starting Salary

Next Review Date

Medical Information



Additional fields which can be imported if a MID-YEAR setup:


Mid Year Cumulative Notional Pay

Mid Year Cumulative Medical Insurance

Mid Year Cumulative Tax-able Pay

Mid Year Cumulative Tax

Mid Year Cumulative USC-able Pay

Mid Year Cumulative USC

Mid Year Cumulative ASC-able Pay

Mid Year Cumulative ASC

Mid Year Cumulative LPT

Mid Year Cumulative Employee PRSI-able Pay

Mid Year Cumulative Employee PRSI

Mid Year Cumulative Employer PRSI-able Pay

Mid Year Cumulative Employer PRSI

Mid Year PRSI Class 1

Mid Year Cumulative Insurable Weeks at PRSI Class 1

Mid Year PRSI Class 2

Mid Year Cumulative Insurable Weeks at PRSI Class 2

Mid Year PRSI Class 3

Mid Year Cumulative Insurable Weeks at PRSI Class 3

Mid Year PRSI Class 4

Mid Year Cumulative Insurable Weeks at PRSI Class 4

Mid Year Pension Scheme Type

Mid Year Cumulative Employee Pension

Mid Year Cumulative Employer Pension


Need help? Support is available at 01 8352074 or support@brightpay.ie.

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