Adding your ROS digital certificate (employers)

Adding your ROS Digital certificate to BrightPay is a once-off exercise, your digital certificate must already be on the same machine as the software itself. To add an employer digital certificate into the software: Open your company through the Open Company screen

Next, go to File > Manage Revenue Certificates... Click Add Certificate... Browse to the location of where your digital certificate is saved.

The file extension of your digital certificate will either be .p12 or .bac. If you cannot find your certificate, try searching these extensions in your search bar. Select your digital certificate and press Open.

After selecting your digital certificate, you will need to enter your password. This will be the password you use to log into your ROS account. Also tick the box in order to store the password in BrightPay, so that you don't have to enter each time the certificate is used.

Click ‘OK’ when complete. On the next screen you can enter a name for your certificate to be more easily identified within BrightPay. This is particularly useful if you have multiple companies and various ROS certificates.

Choose 'Employer Certificate' as your certificate type using the Certificate Type drop down menu. Click OK. Your Employer Certificate will now be added into the BrightPay software.

By accessing the ‘Employer Tab’ you can see under the ‘Revenue Certificate’ section the certificate being used. Once your certificate has been added, further functionality can be accessed at any time by going to 'File > Manage Revenue Certificates' and clicking the Edit button.

For example, if you wish to change the name of the certificate, to remove the certificate password, or export the digital certificate.

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