Dec 2022


What's New in BrightPay 2023?

BrightPay 2023 is now available (for new customers and existing customers). Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:


2023 Tax Year Updates

  • 2023 rates, thresholds and calculations for PAYE, USC, PRSI, LPT and ASC.
  • Support for retrieving and using 2023 Revenue Payroll Notifications (RPN).
  • Support for creating and sending 2023 Payroll Submission Requests (PSR).
  • Support for the new COemissions based calculation of vehicle benefits from 2023 onwards.
  • Support for Statutory Sick Pay.


BrightPay is now 64-bit

BrightPay is now a 64-bit application. This does not make any difference to the experience of using BrightPay or its functionality, but it comes with a few nice optimisations:

  • 64-bit apps just run better on 64-bit versions of Windows (which our telemetry shows us over 95% of our customers are using).
  • 64-bit apps are able to access more computer memory than 32-bit apps can. This means that BrightPay will more smoothly handle employer files with a very large number of employees.

A 32-bit version of BrightPay for Windows will continue to be made available for those who need it.


Other New Features and Updates in 2023

  • Support for manual journal entries.
  • Improves handling of employee payment/bank details – changes to details now automatically apply across the whole tax year, meaning that finalised payslips no longer need to be re-opened first.
  • Several additional minor improvements throughout the entire BrightPay user interface, as well as the latest bug fixes and security improvements.
  • Signing into Connect uses your Bright ID, which makes getting started with Connect easier and simpler.


What's Next?

We're continually at work on the next version of BrightPay, developing new features and making any required fixes and improvements. See our release notes to keep track of what has been changed to date at any time.

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