Dec 2018


BrightPay Customer Update: December 2018

Your PAYE Modernisation Survival Checklist

We have created an 8 step checklist to help you understand what you need to know about submitting your payroll data to Revenue in real time. Stay off Revenue’s naughty list and be ready for the PAYE Modernisation changes.

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ROS Digital Cert - A Must Have for PAYE Modernisation

The computer that you run your 2019 BrightPay software on will need to have your ROS Digital Cert installed on it. If you are currently able to log into ROS from your computer, then you are fine. Otherwise, you should copy the cert (the .p12 or .p12.bac file) from the machine that you use for ROS to the machine that you use for processing payroll. This is something you might want to do before the 1st of January 2019.

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What does PAYE Modernisation look like in BrightPay?

We have been working with Revenue to make sure BrightPay can easily cater for the needs of PAYE Modernisation. Watch our short video to see how BrightPay will streamline real time reporting to easily comply with PAYE Modernisation.

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PAYE Modernisation Training Webinar - Extra dates added due to high demand

Due to phenomenal demand, we have added extra dates for our PAYE Modernisation online training webinars with a guest speaker from Revenue. Due to the high level of interest, it is expected that the training webinars will soon be completely booked out. With almost 1,000 people registered for each of these webinars, there are limited places left. Register now to avoid disappointment.

PAYE Modernisation webinar dates

FREE cloud backup software with every BrightPay purchase (valued at €59)

It is vital to take backups of payroll data with PAYE Modernisation. To help our customers, we are providing a FREE BrightPay Connect 2019 licence (worth €59) with every BrightPay payroll purchase. Users can easily backup their payroll data to the cloud, which can be restored at any time.

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PAYE Modernisation Changes for business with separate branches / offices

PAYE Modernisation does not lend itself to operating separate branches / offices using the same employer registration number nor does it lend itself to processing groups of staff separately e.g. directors on one payroll and other staff on a second payroll. There are various reasons for this including:

  • full visibility of all payroll data per digital cert
  • difficulty in ensuring uniqueness of employment IDs
  • ensuring that line item IDs are not duplicated 

An employer can have as many employer registration numbers as they want. The solution is to register another number and obtain another cert. 

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BrightPay Payroll & PAYE Modernisation Help Videos

We have created a number of help videos to give you an insight into what the payroll and PAYE Modernisation functionality will look like in BrightPay. Videos include how to import from the previous year, retrieving your employee RPNs, submitting your payroll data to Revenue and how to add your ROS digital certificate.

Learn more here

The Dos and Don'ts of offering PAYE Modernisation as a service

This guide for payroll bureaus examines practical tips to ensure PAYE Modernisation will be a smooth and profitable process. Discover effective strategies that make it feasible for accountants to make a profit from PAYE Modernisation.

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Free Employer Guide: PAYE Modernisation unravelled! You NEED to get this right…

In this guide, we discuss how PAYE Modernisation will affect your business and your real time reporting obligations to Revenue. You must be ready by the 1st of January deadline.

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Thinking about changing payroll software provider?

It is important to make sure you choose payroll software that will cater for your payroll needs. The ideal payroll solution will automate the new PAYE Modernisation processing for your business. Your payroll provider should also offer some form of FREE training to help you prepare for your real time reporting obligations. We have two comparison tables that looks at the differences between BrightPay vs. Big Red Book and BrightPay vs. Collsoft. BrightPay also won the 2018 Payroll Software of the Year!!

BrightPay vs. Big Red Book | BrightPay vs. Collsoft

Reasons to Switch to BrightPay for PAYE Modernisation

BrightPay is the payroll software that will significantly reduce the time required to perform these administrative PAYE Modernisation tasks. The biggest advantages of BrightPay include:

  • Revenue compliant & PAYE Modernisation compatible
  • 99% customer satisfaction rating
  • 2018 Payroll Software of the Year award
  • FREE payroll & PAYE Modernisation training
  • Extended customer support hours over December & January
  • Number one payroll software provider in Ireland
  • Free phone and email support

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