Jul 2013


The Payroll Software Choice - Thesaurus Payroll Manager or BrightPay

In January 2013, we launched our new payroll software, BrightPay. The rollout of BrightPay was met with a very positive response, particularly from those users who switched to avail of its added functionality.

We understand the comfort of sticking with what you know. Therefore we will continue to offer Thesaurus Payroll Manager for the foreseeable future – it is not being phased out!

BrightPay is built using modern technology, offering some immediate benefits:

  • The user interface is very clean, simple and fluid. With full control over every pixel on the screen, we have put extra attention into how it looks and feels. BrightPay optimally fills your screen no matter what size display you use. All in all, it makes for a much better experience.
  • By re-architecting the software from the ground up, we were able to design it with many advanced payroll features in mind, including:
    • The ability to roll back one or more employees to any period, from any period.
    • Very flexible reporting that allows you to build the exact report you want.
    • Live payroll calculation previews which update as you type.
    • The ability to add unlimited payments, rates, additions, deductions, BIK, etc. on a payslip.
    • An interactive calendar for entering annual leave, sick leave, parenting leave, etc.
    • Support for employees in multiple departments.
    • Support for opening multiple employer files simultaneously.
    • Future-proof for more upcoming features and integrations.

We encourage you to download BrightPay and have a look. If you wish to switch from Thesaurus Payroll Manager to BrightPay we would advise doing so at the start of a tax year, as it allows for an easier transition (with full import support) than a mid-year switch.

Remember if you hold a Thesaurus Payroll Manager licence you can avail of a BrightPay licence for the same tax year free of charge.

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