Aug 2021


7 reasons why you should process payroll in-house

When we weigh up the pros and cons of outsourcing versus in-house payroll, you can see there are many benefits that your business can gain by making the switch to bringing payroll in-house. Internal staff resources can be reassigned to payroll processing to help mitigate the monetary impact of the pandemic on your business's outgoings.

Processing payroll in-house can offer financial rewards and provide several added benefits including:

  • Reduced business overheads and potential cost savings
  • Increased control over payroll reporting
  • Internal flexibility over payroll scheduling and last-minute changes
  • Minimal reduction in workload
  • Streamlined HR and annual leave processes
  • Self-service online access for employees
  • Increased accurate reporting through API integration with accounting and bookkeeping software

Although there are some benefits to outsourcing your payroll, you can get the best of both scenarios when you choose the right payroll software.

Having the right provider for your business is crucial and can mean the difference between a laborious payroll process that you dread every pay period, and a quick and easy payroll that you hardly think about at all. But finding the right one isn’t necessarily as easy as it seems. There are so many payroll software providers today that sifting through them can be overwhelming. To make it easier for you, we have summarised the key reasons why you should use BrightPay.

Is BrightPay the right in-house payroll software for your business? If you’re thinking about bringing payroll in-house, now could be the right time to make that transition. Get in touch and book a free 15-minute online demo.


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