Sep 2018


The Death of the Irish PAYE System

The introduction of PAYE Modernisation is just months away, leaving employers bewildered and confused about what the new PAYE system will entail. Essentially, all of the current ‘P Forms’ - P30s, P35s, P60s, P45s and P46s - will be abolished, and in their place will be real time periodic submissions to Revenue. Employers will be required to send these submissions, known as Payroll Submission Requests (PSRs), to Revenue each time an employee is paid. In most cases, this means a file will be submitted either weekly or monthly.

As Revenue will be receiving file submissions each pay period, the annual P35 will no longer be required. In addition, this periodic file will eliminate the need for P30s.

The files being submitted each pay run will also have details of employees commencing and employees leaving. This will mean that P45s and P46s are no longer required to be completed by the employer.

At the end of a tax year, the individual taxpayer will be able to view and print their official certificate of earnings and deductions directly from the MyAccount portal on the Revenue website. This means that P60s should no longer be needed.

PAYE Modernisation with Payroll Software

PAYE Modernisation should not add to an employers workload. In fact, employer responsibilities will be greatly reduced. Payroll software will be able to seamlessly integrate into the Revenue system, enabling employers to make the periodic submission directly from the payroll software at the click of a button.

Thesaurus Software is at the forefront when it comes to PAYE Modernisation compliant payroll software. With two different payroll packages to choose from - Thesaurus Payroll Manager and BrightPay - customers will be guaranteed leading edge software and expertise. We have already experienced the introduction of a similar real time reporting system with our UK payroll software.

Book a demo today to find out just how easy PAYE Modernisation can be when using the right payroll software package.

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