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PAYE Modernisation: Meet the experts!

PAYE as you know it is changing - in just a few short months Revenue are revamping and modernising the existing PAYE system. This is called PAYE Modernisation. This new PAYE system will be very different. Instead of a monthly or quarterly P30, a submission containing pay information will need to be made to Revenue each time an employee is paid. This is known as a Payroll Submission Request, or a PSR.

By sending this information to Revenue in real time, it will enable employers to pay the correct amounts of deductions for every employee, also eliminating the need to submit a P35 at the end of the tax year. Overall, this will improve the accuracy, ease of understanding and transparency of the PAYE system for all stakeholders, including employers, employees and Revenue.

While PAYE Modernisation will bring many benefits, some employers are finding it difficult to fully understand the new system; When will payments need to be made to Revenue? Can corrections be made after the submission has been sent? What will happen when broadband is not available or very poor and weekly submissions have to be made?

Ask the Experts!

Every employer has concerns that they are unsure about. Thesaurus Software - the creators of BrightPay - are giving you the chance to join the experts to ask them any queries you may have with free online PAYE Modernisation webinars.

Thesaurus Software has the expertise and understanding regarding PAYE Modernisation. We have already experienced the implementation of a similar real time reporting system in the UK, known as RTI. Thesaurus Software’s Managing Director, Paul Byrne, is a key stakeholder working with Revenue towards the design of this new PAYE system for Ireland.

For the webinars, Paul Byrne will be joined by guest speakers Sinead Sweeney, who is the PAYE Modernisation Change Manager for the Revenue Commissioners, and Sandra Clarke, Partner at BCC Accountants and a Council Member of the Irish Tax Institute.

Click here to register and find out more about our upcoming PAYE Modernisation webinars.

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Jul 2018


PAYE Modernisation: What you need to know

PAYE Modernisation - The Facts

PAYE Modernisation is a mandatory payroll requirement that will be introduced from the 1st of January 2019. It won’t change the way you calculate your PAYE information, it just means that you will need to send your data through to Revenue in real time. Employers should take steps to ensure their existing records are up-to-date and correct.

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PAYE Modernisation Compliant Software

To comply with PAYE Modernisation you will need to utilise fully compliant payroll software. BrightPay is working directly with Revenue to ensure this new real time process is as easy as possible for our customers. BrightPay is a simple and easy to use payroll software that makes your payroll journey hassle free. With a 99% customer satisfaction rate and free customer support, BrightPay is the payroll solution to help you with PAYE Modernisation.

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Free PAYE Modernisation Training

BrightPay has teamed up with Revenue as guest speakers to bring you free PAYE Modernisation training webinars throughout the year. All webinars are CPD accredited and free to attend. Our next webinar is PAYE Modernisation: Understanding and implementing the new legislation which takes place this September. Places are limited - book your place now to avoid disappointment.

Payroll bureau webinar | Employer webinar

PAYE Modernisation: Frequently Asked Questions

PAYE Modernisation or Real Time Reporting is probably the biggest overhaul of the PAYE system since PAYE was introduced back in 1960. Many employers are worried about this new system and how it will affect their payroll processing. Find out some of the most common questions people have asked about PAYE Modernisation.

Frequently asked questions

Proposed Client Letter for PAYE Modernisation

Keeping your clients informed and up-to-date will be a key step to successfully transfer to the new PAYE Modernisation system. To assist our customers, we have created a template letter for payroll bureaus to send to their clients as an initial communication with regards to PAYE Modernisation. We will also have a sample letter of engagement available for payroll bureaus later this year.

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Jul 2018


GDPR and Payroll Processing: Do I need consent from my client’s employees?

Businesses must provide their employees with information on what happens to their data, for example sharing employee’s personal data with a payroll bureau who processes the payroll. Employee personal data can be stored and managed by a payroll bureau, bookkeeper or accountant for the sole benefit of correctly paying their wages, paying the correct tax and providing a payslip. All of this legitimately falls under the remit of the GDPR legislation.

Employee Consent

Many bureaus have expressed concern and confusion in relation to getting consent from client’s employees and securely distributing payslips. Payroll bureaus do not need to seek consent from individual employees that the payroll is processed for. However, the employer will need to inform their employees that they are sharing their personal information with a third party.

An employee cannot withdraw their consent for their personal data to be used as part of the payroll processing. It should be noted that bureaus should keep only the personal data that is strictly required for the purpose of the payroll. This is referred to as data minimisation or privacy by default.

GDPR Webinars

BrightPay is running free webinars to help you with what you need to know about GDPR. These webinars are free to attend for both payroll bureaus and employers. Places are limited - book your place now.

  • Payroll Data & GDPR - What you need to know (4th July)
    This webinar will look at the biggest areas of concern including emailing payslips, employee consent and your legal obligation. We will also look at some important steps to achieve GDPR compliance. Click here to book your place now.
  • GDPR - 3 Months On (20th September)
    This webinar will look at what have we learned from the GDPR 3 months on and how we can help your organisation utilise the new regulations for the benefit of you, your customers, suppliers and employees. This webinar will also include a guest speaker from the Data Protection Commissioners office. Click here to book your place now. 

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