Jan 2018


GDPR unravelled! Find out what you need to know to comply

Get ready as more legislation hit Irish and European businesses. The objective of the recent EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to bring data protection standards up-to-date and to ensure that individuals in the EU are appropriately protected from privacy and data breaches. It comes into effect on 25th May 2018, however this date is a deadline as opposed to a starting point.


Business owners who start looking at GDPR on or after the 25th May will be at serious risk of non-compliance. You will need to act now to understand and prepare for GDPR well in advance of the May deadline. Over the next few months, it would be advisable to set aside some time to focus on being fully compliant by the 25th May 2018.


BrightPay is committed to helping our customers and others understand the impact of GDPR. We have designed free webinars for accountants and employers to take you through the key steps to be GDPR compliant.


Register now for our free webinars which take place over the coming months.



  • What is GDPR and why is it being implemented?
  • Why employers need to take it seriously
  • How it will impact payroll bureaus
  • How to prepare for GDPR
  • How we are working to help you


Employer Webinar: 30th January - Register here
Bureau Webinar (CPD Accredited): 8th March - Register here

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Employer Webinar: 24th January - Register here
Bureau Webinar (CPD Accredited): 25th January - Register here


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