Sep 2017


BrightPay – A Breath of Fresh Air

Most small business ask if they can afford to employ someone. Simply, if you pay an employee the minimum wage of €9.25 per hour, it will actually cost you approximately €10. (This includes wage, public holiday, annual leave and PRSI). Additionally, if your accountant is processing your payroll, their charge may be around €3 per employee (weekly wage), you could save money by doing the payroll yourself.


Using BrightPay's features, you can smoothly process your payroll, it is a simple and powerful software. It’s designed with small to medium sized businesses, accountants and other payroll providers in mind. BrightPay has everything you need to manage payroll and it’s easy to learn and use. It caters for the processing of your payroll on a weekly, monthly, fortnightly or 4-weekly basis. More than one payment frequency can be processed at any time within your company’s dataset. For details on this feature, please click here.


If you are moving to BrightPay from another payroll software, we have online documentation to assist you. If you currently use Thesaurus Payroll Manager, our other payroll package, you may wish to change because of the additional features and functionalities BrightPay has to offer. Our step-by-step guide will assist you with this easy process.


Join our next BrightPay demo where we will take you through setting up your company on BrightPay and running your payroll on a day-to-day basis. Download our software for a free 60 day trial.


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