May 2022


The future is Bright: An introduction to Surf Accounts and Surf Accounts Production

BrightPay has a number of integrations with accounting software, the latest of which is Surf Accounts. The addition of Surf Accounts to BrightPay's software integrations was a result of the merger between BrightPay and Relate Software in September last year. Relate Software, a leader in post-accounting, practice management, and bookkeeping software merged with BrightPay to become known as Bright Software Group or 'Bright'. Since formulation, Bright has also acquired practice management software provider, AccountancyManager. Bright is now a leading provider of accounting, payroll and HR solutions to businesses across Ireland and the UK. You can read more about this acquisition here.

The merger with Relate Software prompted the development of a direct Application Programming Interface (API) integration between Relate’s most popular accounting solution, Surf Accounts, and BrightPay. The integration allows BrightPay users to seamlessly transfer data from BrightPay into Surf Accounts within a few clicks, streamlining payroll and accounting process. The integration is discussed in more detail below, but first a brief background to accounting software.


What is the current state of accounting software?

Today, accounting software is widely used by businesses and accountants. The traditional days of pen and paper accounting processes have passed, replaced by digital and online systems. Constant updates to accounting software help automate processes and make accountants' lives easier than ever before. In recent years, one of the main updates to accounting systems is the use of cloud technology.


The advantages of cloud accounting software

While many accounting software packages are solely desktop based, the Surf range operates upon a cloud server. Utilising cloud-based software means that users can securely access, edit and share work from any device and from any location, once they are connected to the internet. Cloud access allows users to store and work on data online, meaning fixed workspaces are eliminated as physical servers are no longer required. In essence, users of cloud software can work remotely at no extra burden, should they wish to do so.

A bias tends to exist that cloud software is less secure than their desktop-based counterparts. This stems from the online nature of cloud, as people may be concerned that by using cloud software, their data is at a higher risk of being hacked or leaked. However, this is not the case. Thanks to the use of encryption, cloud software is extremely secure, with recent studies finding that data stored on the cloud is less likely to be hacked or leaked than data stored on physical or internal servers.


So, what are the Surf products?

All Surf products have been designed with the user in mind, aiming to be modern, easy to use, and allowing the user to work as efficiently as possible. Our accounting software and accounts production software are the most popular products amongst our customers.


Surf Accounts

Surf Accounts is an accounting and bookkeeping software which allows you to create and send stylish invoices, manage your sales pipeline, produce reports and reconcile your bank transactions. By using Surf Accounts, you can customise invoices to your brand by uploading your logo and brand colours. You can also set recurring invoices for regular transactions.

The software has some outstanding accounting features, such as in-built CRM and inventory management systems, multi-currency capacities, entity division reporting, customisable dashboards, automatic VAT compliance (inclusive of the return on trading details), and much more. In addition, Surf Accounts has an iOS and Android app which can help you manage your practice from your phone or tablet.

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Surf Accounts Production

Surf Accounts Production is our cloud-based accounts production software. It allows you to create perfectly presented final and statutory accounts in accordance with the latest financial standards. Within Surf Accounts Production, you can easily post journals, invoices, receipts, and payments. In relation to accounting compliance, Surf Accounts Production is top software in the accounts production market for ROI and the UK. With a dedicated compliance team in place, the software provides automatic compliance to FRS 102 Section 1A and FRS 105.

The software has a variety of useful features, including: 1-click iXBRL, an unrivalled variety of fully compliant accounts production formats, reporting and dashboards, trial balance with graphs, entity division reporting, inbuilt checks and balances, and e-signing, to name a few. In addition to these fantastic features, this software is integrated with Surf Accounts, meaning data can be seamlessly shared between the two packages.

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Surf Accounts and BrightPay integration

As mentioned, Surf Accounts is also integrated with BrightPay Payroll Software. The integration allows Surf Accounts and BrightPay customers to send their payroll journal directly from BrightPay to their accounting software, in just a few clicks. This is done through Direct API integration, meaning a seamless data transfer, which can be done in seconds.

In BrightPay, your payroll journal file is customised to Surf Accounts, with compatible files and built-in nominal ledger mapping. Using the integrated system means you can save time as you eliminate the need for double entry between your accounting software and your payroll software; you simply click a few buttons to transfer your data from BrightPay to Surf Accounts.?To see the integration in action, follow the link below.

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Ultimately, Surf Accounts and Surf Accounts Production are accounting software solutions which help accountants automate their work. Both packages have been designed with features to help reduce the time it takes accountants to complete their work and lessen the associated costs. If you would like to learn more about these packages, why not book a free demo? Surf Accounts and Surf Accounts Production demos are both conducted by a product expert in a live one to one capacity, allowing you to get a full product overview and ask any questions you may have. Book a Surf Accounts Demo or a Surf Accounts Production demo today.