Dec 2021


What's New in BrightPay 2022?

BrightPay 2022 is now available (for new customers and existing customers). Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:


2022 Tax Year Updates

  • 2022 rates, thresholds and calculations for PAYE, USC, PRSI, LPT and ASC.
  • Support for the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) continues to be available in the 2022 tax year.
  • Support for retrieving and using 2022 Revenue Payroll Notifications (RPN).
  • Support for creating and sending 2022 Payroll Submission Requests (PSR).


Pay Using Modulr

You can now create and send payment requests to Modulr directly from BrightPay, provided you have an active Modulr account that is set up for making payments. Payee information and amounts are automatically populated using the data from your payroll, making it a simple, fast and efficient way to pay your employees.


Integration with Surf Accounts

BrightPay can now post payroll journals to Surf Accounts.


Other 2022 Updates in BrightPay

  • The way of setting up a pay schedule for the tax year has been changed in response to customer feedback, making it clearer and more flexible.
  • Ability to auto-zeroise individual basic payments, additions and deductions for each pay period (i.e. repeat them into the next pay period as usual, but with a zero amount)
  • Ability to auto-generate works numbers.
  • BrightPay now shows the total "number of employees" in many more on-screen summaries and report documents.
  • Lots of minor improvements throughout the entire BrightPay user interface, as well as the latest bug fixes and security improvements.


What's Next?

We're continually at work on the next version of BrightPay, developing new features and making any required fixes and improvements. See our release notes to keep track of what has been changed to date at any time.

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