Aug 2021


2021 Customer Survey - the results are in!

We value our customers’ feedback and opinions as it allows us to improve and grow our business. We recently conducted an annual survey as it is a powerful indicator of overall success as a company as it captures the entire experience of using BrightPay, from the product features to the daily customer support to the live webinars and online documentation.

We are proud of the continued high marks and appreciate the thoughtful feedback from this year’s survey and would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part. The survey looked at customer satisfaction, software performance and customer support.

We’ve compiled the results of our latest survey and we wanted to share them with you.

The Results

As the survey was very comprehensive, we’re not going to share the results of each and every question. But we did want to share the main areas of focus and what you, our customers, have said.

  • We asked: How satisfied are you with BrightPay?
  • You said: BrightPay achieved a 98.8% customer satisfaction rate, which is fantastic news for everyone on the BrightPay team.
  • We asked: How would you rate the following BrightPay Connect features?
  • You said: The most highly rated BrightPay Connect features included automatic cloud backup (98.8%), online employer dashboard (100%) and employee self-service portal & app (100%).
  • We asked: How satisfied are you with BrightPay's Customer Support?
  • You said: The majority of customers rated our telephone support (97.5%), email support (99.2%), online help documentation (97.1%) and online video tutorials (98%) as excellent, very good or good, giving our customer support team an overall satisfaction rate of 97.9%.
  • We asked: How would you rate BrightPay’s handling of COVID-19?
  • You said: 99.5% of customers answered that they found our handling of COVID-19 overall to be either excellent, very good or good - in particular, our free online COVID-19 webinars (99.6%), payroll upgrades (99.7%), online help and support (98.8%) and phone and email support (99.99%).

Customer Testimonials

We also received a number of customer testimonials from the survey - all of which will be added to the BrightPay website in due course. Some of our favourite testimonials received include:

“I found the functionality during my use of TWSS and EWSS outstanding”.

“A big thank you for your excellent TWSS / EWSS updates throughout the pandemic, they were very beneficial”.

“It is great to have an Irish company providing such a high level of service, support and innovation - the webinars are extremely useful”.

Get in touch

If you feel that you’re not using the full suite of BrightPay or BrightPay Connect’s features to its fullest potential, you can book a free 15-minute online BrightPay and/or BrightPay Connect demo.

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