May 2021


Ransomware: How to protect your payroll data

Unfortunately, we have all become way too familiar with certain concepts over the course of the past year. Concepts such as R number, variants etc. With the recent ransomware attack on the HSE still disrupting Irish health services, the subject of ransomware is on all our minds.

One of the important lessons that we can take from ransomware is how we should have backups to quickly restore data to get back up and running as soon as possible, if data was lost after a breach.

If you use BrightPay Connect alongside our payroll software, you can be assured that you already have this covered.

All data in BrightPay Connect is stored securely within Microsoft Azure data stores, access to which have been tightly restricted to a limited set of servers and IP addresses. These data stores are replicated across multiple data centres to protect against a major data loss event impacting a particular data centre. Furthermore, the data itself is encrypted and multiple versions of your employer data are retained as a further safeguard. All traffic into and out of BrightPay Connect is encrypted using SSL and we undergo regular penetration testing to ensure our public-facing applications are secure and resilient.

This should provide some comfort for you if you are already using BrightPay Connect.

If the payroll data on your own device is compromised, it should be worthless as many of the key fields (e.g. PPSN, names, bank details) are already encrypted within the software.

If you do not use BrightPay Connect, please ensure that you keep regular external backups of your data. You might even consider using BrightPay Connect for this. View the pricing model for BrightPay Connect where users are billed on a monthly subscription, based on usage where you only pay for what you use.

There are many other BrightPay Connect benefits that we would be delighted to show you on a free 15-minute demo. Book now.

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