Pricing Model for BrightPay Connect

BrightPay Connect users are billed on a monthly subscription, based on usage where you only pay for what you use. The usage subscription model is based on the number of active employees in the billing month. Customers have full access to all BrightPay Connect’s cloud features including free customer phone and email support.

  • Employers on a standard package will be charged based on the total number of active employees
  • Payroll Bureaus on a bureau package will be charged based on the total number of active employees in respect of clients that are synchronised to BrightPay Connect (not on a client-by-client basis). 

Once signed up for a Connect account, you will be invoiced monthly in arrears through our new online billing system. There are no set up costs involved. Customers can cease their account at any time and are not tied into a contract nor do we have a cancellation notice period. Once an employee has left, you will no longer be charged for them. 

Your payroll software desktop licence will continue to be charged on a per tax year basis.

BrightPay Connect Pricing Calculator

Setting up your BrightPay Account

Customers will have the ability to:

  • Sign up for a BrightPay account
  • Manage profile/preferences
  • View/manage Connect subscription
  • Add payment methods 
  • Access BrightPay Connect invoices
  • Access on-premise licence keys


How is the bill worked out?

Your total number of active employees is used to calculate your bill for each calendar month. If this number changes throughout the month, the highest value at any given point is used.

An active employee is one whose dates of employment overlap with the calendar month. You won't be charged for employees who left before the month, or who you have on file but are not due to start until after the month.

For bureau customers, the total number of active employees is calculated across all clients that you linked to Connect (not on a client-by-client basis). This means that, for example, you would be billed the same for one client with 10 employees, and 10 clients with one employee each. Bureaus will receive a breakdown of the number of employees per client and how the bill was calculated.

When and how is payment taken?

Payment for any given month is taken in the first week of the following month. To enable us to do this, you must set up at least one valid payment method in your BrightPay Account.

If you do not have a payment method set up or if payment collection fails, and you do not respond to our reminders and final notices to remedy it within time, your Connect service will be suspended (causing backups and self service access to cease).

You also have the option of adding pre-paid credit to your BrightPay Account in a one-off transaction, which will be used to pay Connect bills while there is a balance.

The billing month is based on the full calendar month (e.g. 1st January - 31st January, 1st February - 28th February, 1st March - 31st March, etc). There will NOT be a ‘pro rata’ for customers who sign up mid-month. Customers will be charged for the full calendar month regardless of what date they sign up to start using Connect in any given month.

Is there a contract?

There is no contract. You can cancel your Connect subscription at any stage, including before the first payment is due.



Enter the number of employees and click calculate:


Monthly cost for 10 employees:  €3.90

Examples of prices:

No. of employees Total Monthly Price Price Per Employee / Month
5 employees €2.10 €0.42
10 employees €3.90 €0.39
20 employees €7.10 €0.36
50 employees €15.70 €0.31
75 employees €21.70 €0.29
100 employees €27.70 €0.28
500 employees €97.70 €0.20
1000 employees €157.70 €0.16
5000 employees €477.70 €0.10 

* Prices are per month and exclusive of VAT. Prices adjust for various numbers of active employees. 

BrightPay Connect Pricing Explained

BrightPay Connect Features

Contract Length
No Contract
Admin Users
Simple Monthly Fee
User Access & Restrictions
GDPR Compliant
Cloud Features
Automatic Cloud Backup
Integration with BrightPay
Online Dashboard
Employer / Client Features
Annual Leave Management
Company Calendar
Payroll Reports
Revenue Payment Records
HR Document Upload
Online Dashboard
Employee Features
Employee Self Service
Payslip Platform
Employee Payroll App
Request Annual Leave
Personal Employee Details
Payroll Bureau Features
Client Payroll Entry
 Client Payroll Approval
Payroll Audit Trail