Jun 2019


BrightPay Customer Update: June 2019

PAYE Modernisation Update: Payroll and tax details now available to employees in myAccount

With real time reporting now in place for employers, Revenue has turned their focus to the benefits of this new system for employees. Since the 15th of May, all employees can now view their payroll details, as reported by their employer, through myAccount. Employers should be aware that employees can now view any discrepancies between payroll details on an employee’s payslip and those reported to Revenue.

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The hidden benefits of an employee self-service system

The ability for employees to view and edit their own data is one of the most important advancements of HR in recent years. Providing employees with remote access to view personal information is also a best practice recommendation of the GDPR. It's obviously true that employees have a lot to gain from a self-service system, but what about HR personnel, managers and everyone else involved in the payroll and HR process? They benefit too!

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The importance of backing up your payroll data

Disasters happen. It’s all part of being in business: Fire, flood, theft, you name it. If you own premises or an office, it might happen to you. While an act of God can’t always be helped, you can be prepared too. Of course, you’ll have insurance; but what about your priceless payroll data? For a payroll bureau or business, these payroll files underpin the vital task of paying employees.

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From the support desk: Can BrightPay be accessed from multiple users on different machines?

BrightPay employer data files can be stored on a shared network drive or cloud drive to be accessed by multiple PCs. The BrightPay software application must be installed on each individual PC you wish to use to access the shared location. A single BrightPay licence allows for up to five installations.

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New User Management Interface for Connect

Our new User Management feature for BrightPay Connect makes it more seamless and quicker for users to be set up or amended. It offers the option to select permissions for multiple employers at one time for a standard user. There is also a new permission to allow standard users to connect and synchronise employers from BrightPay to Connect and a new feature to mark an employer as confidential.

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GDPR: 1 Year On

It’s been one year since the introduction of the GDPR, and employers and accountants are reviewing their systems, processes and procedures on an ongoing basis to ensure they are doing their best to avoid hefty non-compliance penalties. Find out how BrightPay Connect can help you overcome some of the key challenges GDPR presents when processing payroll.

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