May 2019


PAYE Modernisation Update: Payroll and tax details now available to employees in myAccount

PAYE Modernisation is now in full force with the majority of employers having seamlessly transitioned to the new reporting system. From January until the end of April this year, some 161,000 employers have successfully submitted over 2 million payroll submissions in respect of over 2.6 million employees.

With real time reporting now in place for employers, Revenue has turned their focus to the benefits of this new system for employees. Since the 15th of May, all employees can now view their payroll details, as reported by their employer, through their myAccount. Further improved services through myAccount will also follow later in the year.

Employers should be aware that employees can now view any discrepancies between payroll details on an employee’s payslip and those reported to Revenue. It is therefore very much in every employer’s interest to ensure that the data submitted to Revenue is accurate and in line with the employee’s payslip record.

For more information about employee pay and tax details in myAccount, visit Revenue’s new PAYE Modernisation for Employees helpguide.

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