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PAYE Modernisation and SMEs - Why you need to get with the programme

The deadline for PAYE Modernisation is fast approaching but a significant number of SMEs are not ready. Even though there is still time, there are still many employers who process their payroll using a manual system. At this point all employers really should be taking the new PAYE legislation seriously and starting to prepare for the new changes. You know who has been preparing for PAYE Modernisation? Payroll software providers - that’s who!! Needless to say, I’m talking about BrightPay Software here.

Imagine it’s the Apocalypse; The End Of Days. BrightPay are the rednecks in the underground shelter with their AK-47s, mountains of tinned food and a water distiller in the back that doubles as a hooch factory. You are the procrastinator standing outside in the rain with an umbrella fighting a raccoon for tonight’s dinner. Get the picture?

Basically all payroll providers have known The Flood is coming. BrightPay has spent months upon months building a big ass boat i.e. making sure their payroll software will be compatible with the new Real Time PAYE system whilst also making their customers’ lives easier.

It is undeniable that these new changes, however beneficial, will have the most impact on small businesses. Unfortunately, many small enterprises do not use a dedicated payroll software and it means they will have to manually upload all of their payroll data every pay period. And the problem is that Revenue expect all businesses, regardless of size or location, to comply with the new changes the minute they come into force on the 1st of January 2019. (It’s equal rights, equal fights all over again).

I’ve talked in a previous post about how beneficial the new changes to PAYE are going be. But for SMEs that’s besides the point as they will be doing all the extra work if they use a manual system. But to be fair, Revenue are working on the assumption that most businesses have, you know, “gotten with the times” and are no longer using manual payroll methods. I’m sure Bridey from Skeheenarinky manages the bingo books just fine with a pen and paper but you know what Bridey? It’s time to get with the programme.

The point is, if you are not using payroll software, the time has now come to adapt and evolve. The system will not just be easier, it will be fully integrated with Revenue. Is there a more beautiful term in business? (Well..actually..“profit”.. “bonus”..“this meeting has been cancelled” - are all great but hey, you get the idea).

Now if like Bridey you are adamant that you’re not using some computer robot thingy that they make confusing on purpose just to make you feel silly in front of your grandkids then you have the option of using Revenue’s online system (ROS) to report payments and deductions. However, ROS will not compute the deductions that need to be taken from salaries. You will have to do that all yourself. And that means less time in the bingo hall with the girls admiring Frank’s new cane.

Why not do yourself a big fat favour and come join the payroll revolution by purchasing BrightPay to handle all your PAYE Modernisation obligations. Not only will it take the extra work off your hands, it will take EVEN MORE work off your hands by automating your payroll process and ensuring that you are PAYE Modernisation compliant. BrightPay also have a team of support staff that will assist you with the transition.

Go on Bridey, what have you got to lose? Go to BrightPay’s website to find out more.

Thesaurus Payroll Manager | BrightPay Ireland

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