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What is BrightPay Connect?

BrightPay Connect is an optional add-on cloud and HR product for BrightPay Payroll. Connect will allow you to sync your BrightPay Payroll employer data to a web based online portal providing the following powerful features:

Secure Online Automated Backup - Users can backup and restore payroll information on your computer to and from the cloud. BrightPay Connect will synchronise any changes you make to your payroll or employee information back to BrightPay Payroll. Your historical backups and data files are accessible and can be restored at any time.

Online Self-Service Portal - The online portal allows payroll bureaus, employers and employees to log in and access their payroll data. Employees can view and access their payroll information. Employers can view their company’s payroll information, a company annual leave calendar, approve employee requests, access reports and Revenue payment details. Payroll bureaus can access an online overview of all of the client's payroll information.

Employee Self-Service - Employees can access their own payroll information by logging into their personal self service portal. The self service allows online access to a personal leave calendar, view remaining holiday days, view sick leave taken, request annual leave, view and change contact information, access payslips and other payroll employment related documents.

Online Payslips - Employee’s payslips are stored securely on BrightPay Connect allowing for easy access on the go for employees. Payslips can be set up by the user to be automatically uploaded onto BrightPay Connect for employees, eliminating the need to manually email them from BrightPay Payroll. Employees can view and download their current and historical payslips at any time.

Employer Online Dashboard - Employers will have access to an overview of their payroll, a company annual leave calendar for all employees, payroll reports, employee information and more. Employers can authorise or approve employee requests such as a change of address or annual leave requests. BrightPay Connect automatically synchronises these changes which are updated on BrightPay Payroll. Even invite your accountant to instantly access your payroll data 24/7. Watch the BrightPay Connect Employer Video here.

Payroll Bureau Dashboard - Bureaus will have online access to an overview of their payroll clients payroll information. Invite clients to their own online dashboard which can be branded with your bureau’s logo. Watch the BrightPay Connect Payroll Bureau Video here.

Annual Leave Calendar - Employees can request holidays through their employee portal. A notification email will be sent to the employer informing them of the employee's request. Employers can then either authorise or reject the annual leave request. Approved leave is recorded and synchronised back to BrightPay Payroll on the desktop.

Payroll Documents & Reports - BrightPay Payroll has the ability to build and save employer reports. Saved reports that have been set up in BrightPay Payroll will then be automatically available on BrightPay Connect. Through the online dashboard, employers can access and view these reports at any time, along with a record of Revenue payments and amounts due.

Data Protection & Security - BrightPay Connect is built using a compartmentalised design structure that maximises security. Each user will have their own login details and password. BrightPay Connect utilises the Microsoft Azure platform to give our customers reliability, scalability, data redundancy, geo-replication and timely security updates out of the box.

HR Solution - BrightPay Connect acts as a HR management package and is an integrated solution that can accelerate HR processes across your organisation. Run your HR operations with ease by managing and simplifying your workforce management. BrightPay Connect covers all of your core HR needs, including employee management and leave management.

  • Employee Management: By law you are required to keep and provide certain information about your employees. BrightPay Connect records and stores your employee data, leave & absenteeism and key HR documents in one secure online location. This also allows users to access an overview of employees for employee performance and development purposes.
  • Document Upload: Users can store and manage sensitive employee documents securely in the cloud. BrightPay Connect allows you to upload employee documents such as company newsletters, employment contracts and handbooks, appraisal documents, company pension information and even disciplinary correspondence. Users can also see a notification of when employees view HR or company documents.
  • Training Management: Using the document upload feature, users can store qualifications and certs for each employee. These documents will be available to both the employer and the employee. Company training documents can also be uploaded and easily distributed to all employees online.
  • Manage Staff Leave: BrightPay Connect takes the burden out of managing staff leave by streamlining the process. Users can easily reduce the processing time of leave requests. Employee leave that is approved or recorded by an employer in BrightPay Connect is then automatically synced back to BrightPay Payroll. Employers can approve employee leave requests in minutes which allows you to monitor staff leave to ensure you have adequate cover at all times.

Additional Users - Adding new users to BrightPay Connect is easy. Employers can grant access for additional users to view the company payroll data, authorise annual leave requests, process payroll and more. Employers can invite their accountant to their BrightPay Connect account. There is no limit to the amount of additional users that can be set up. There are two types of users:

  • An administrator has full control over a BrightPay Connect account, with the ability to edit account settings, add other users, redeem purchase codes, connect employers and manage all employer and employee information and processes.
  • A standard user typically has access to just one employer in your BrightPay Connect account, although they can be granted access to multiple employers if required. A standard user can view all employer (and associated employees) information and process employee self-service requests.

User Access - Users may wish to give senior employees, supervisors or management access to certain functions on BrightPay Connect. Employees can be set up with restricted access to the high level payroll information but can be given varying degrees of access to approve employee leave requests, change employee contact details, view financial information including payslips and payroll reports, view employee HR documents and view high level employees such as directors.

Processing Payroll - BrightPay Connect will not have the ability to process payroll. This function will be only be available through the BrightPay Payroll desktop application.

GDPR Ready - BrightPay Connect is tailored to help you overcome the challenge that GDPR presents. The cloud functionality will improve your payroll processing with simple email distribution, keep employee records up- to- date, safe document upload, easy leave management and keep a secure backup of your payroll records.

For a single employer, BrightPay Connect costs €59 + VAT per year. This price includes cloud backup, employer dashboard and the employee self service portal for all employees. For bureau customers who have multiple payroll clients, we offer bulk discounts for several BrightPay Connect licences.

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