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The benefits of offering cloud payroll services

Accounting firms and payroll bureaus are increasingly moving into the cloud to offer clients a more flexible and streamlined payroll and HR service. Many believe that payroll isn’t a profitable service due to the complexity of the work, the manual administrative time required and the increasing number of mistakes when it comes to recording employee leave.


The actual process of running payroll is straightforward enough due to easy to use features in your payroll software. But what about the administrative payroll and HR related tasks such as processing & sending payslips, managing & recording employee leave, retrieving lost payslips, backing up your payroll data, sending payroll reports to clients and updating employee records? All of these tasks can take a considerable amount of managerial time to process and correct especially where errors have occurred.


The payroll landscape is changing and many payroll bureaus are offering clients a higher level of cloud HR functionality that automates otherwise time consuming tasks. Online access to payroll information for your clients and their employees offers significant benefits for today's bureau which can streamline many workforce management tasks.


Cloud Backup

Storing payroll information and data protection continues to be a challenge for payroll bureaus. With a cloud backup tool you will never lose your payroll data again. You don’t need to worry about backing up your payroll data. Where your payroll software is integrated with the cloud, your payroll data can be synchronised to the cloud whilst maintaining a chronological history of your backups. You can restore or download any of the backups to your PC at any time.


Eliminate Paper & Postage Processing

The concept of paper payslips that need to be downloaded and emailed or printed and enveloped and then posted is an outdated process. More and more employees want their payslips to be accessible and securely stored online. Payslips and other payroll related documents such as P60s, P45s and employment contracts can be easily accessible on an employee self-service online portal. With the cloud, payroll bureaus can avoid spending time printing, emailing and resending lost documents to employees. An online employee self-service option allows employees to view current and historic payslips and access all employee HR documents.


24/7 Online Accessibility

A cloud client and employee dashboard provides 24/7 flexibility and control of payroll information. Clients can access all employees’ payslips, payroll reports, amounts due to Revenue, employee contact details and can even approve annual leave requests. Employees can access their self-service portal on their computer or via their smartphones to view and access payslips and easily submit holiday requests.

Increased Bureau Productivity

Cloud functionality allows for many payroll related tasks to be synchronized with your payroll software. Payroll bureaus radically save time as they no longer need to send payslips to employees, send payroll reports to clients, resend lost payslips, look up holiday leave remaining for employees or manually process and record employee leave on the payroll software.

Annual Leave Management Tool

Annual leave requests can be approved in the cloud where clients can view a company-wide online calendar to easily approve leave while managing staff availability for their business. Employees can benefit as a cloud portal will calculate accurate leave balances in real time. HR managers or supervisors can be given access to approve holiday requests, without having access to view the payroll information.


Full integration with payroll software

Payroll software systems that offer full integration with the cloud is a must. Integrated payroll and cloud systems enables users to share and synchronise payroll data in real time. An online dashboard can link to clients payroll data that is saved on your payroll software ensuring all information is current and correct.

Embrace cloud payroll functionality

Using the cloud to automate many daily payroll and HR related tasks will improve efficiencies for payroll bureaus, employers/clients and their employees. BrightPay Connect is one such cloud solution that fully integrates with BrightPay Payroll offering:

  • Cloud backup
  • Bureau / client online dashboard
  • Online payroll reporting
  • Employee self-service
  • Online leave management 
  • Safely store HR documents online
  • Update employee details
  • Affordability with discounts for multiple purchases
  • Easy of Use


Book a demo to see how BrightPay Connect can improve your payroll service and improve your profits.



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