Oct 2017


BrightPay Ireland - Customer Survey - The Results are in!

Opinions and feedback from our customers matter to us. We love to hear comments and suggestions from users in order to improve the customer experience. Last month we conducted a customer survey to get an insight into what customers think about BrightPay and find out what new features our customers want.

The survey also looked at customer satisfaction rates, software performance and customer support. We were delighted to discover that BrightPay has a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Customers are also highly satisfied with our customer support team, with a satisfaction rate of 98%. Many customers agree that BrightPay saves them time (99.5%) and money (99.4%).

The survey also looked at awareness of PAYE Modernisation. 23% of customers were unaware of this upcoming change to the PAYE system, which will be effective from 1st January 2019. BrightPay’s parent company, Thesaurus Software, recently hosted a number of free PAYE Modernisation webinars, with a guest speaker from Revenue. The webinars incorporated everything you need to know about PAYE Modernisation. Watch the PAYE Modernisation training session on demand.

Customer Testimonials

We also received a number of customer testimonials from the survey - all of which will be added to the BrightPay website in due course. Some of our favourite testimonials received include:

  • "I am now in my fourth PAYE year since I switched to BrightPay. I wish that I had switched sooner. I would have saved a lot of money without any reduction in the quality of service I provided to my clients, not to mention one or, two enhancements."
  • "BrightPay is a very user friendly payroll system. The feature to go back and amend a previous weeks payslip for an individual employee instead of having to go back and amend all employees is a great feature."
  • "I am very happy about BrightPay Payroll, easy to setup, easy to use, very good value for money. I've recommended it to a couple of businesses. There is the same story, all happy!"
  • "Best payroll software I have used. Very user friendly and the reports that can be compiled are great because they can be tailored depending on what you want in the report. Couldn't say enough good things about it! I recommend it to all the payroll users I know."
  • "BrightPay is an excellent product. Quick and efficient to use and they have a helpline that is always available to talk you through a query. I would even recommend this product to someone who has little knowledge of payroll because most of the calculating is programmed in." 
  • "I tried BrightPay free trial. After the first week I purchased it. It was so easy to use. When I rang support, I was answered straight away, no holding, and my query answered quickly and explained that even I could understand it. Since using BrightPay my payroll is a joy to do, easy and quick."
  • "BrightPay is very easy to use for my small business. Without it I would be very worried about making a mistake so it gives me total peace of mind."
  • "BrightPay has been the perfect fit for our business - it has reduced our workload and in turn increases productivity within our business."

Prize Winners

As a thank you for taking part in the survey, we are giving away four €50 Amazon vouchers. We are delighted to announce that the winners are:

  • John Ganly - Blanchardstown Amalgamated Sports Ltd
  • Geraldine Grennan - PJ Grennan Ltd
  • Elaine Donnelly - Irish Theatre Institute
  • Eugene O'Donovan - SME Finance

The BrightPay team will be in contact with the winners shortly.

We appreciate all the feedback received from this year’s survey and would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part.

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