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BrightPay Connect:
A HR Solution

BrightPay Connect: A HR Solution

BrightPay Connect gives employers a ready-to-go, easy-to-use HR software solution, streamlining previously cumbersome people management tasks. HR software does not need to be complicated, expensive or out-of-reach for the small employer. BrightPay Connect enables employers to link payroll and HR in a way they never thought possible.  

BrightPay’s cloud solution means that managers and employees can securely access HR information anytime, anywhere. Employers can say goodbye to managing their workforce with a haphazard system of spreadsheets, documents and post-it notes.


The Perfect HR Solution
How can BrightPay Connect help employers manage their HR, annual leave and employee function?
All-in-One Solution: BrightPay Connect works alongside BrightPay payroll, meaning no overlapping or duplicating of data. The initial setup takes just minutes as employee data is synchronised from the payroll.
Administration Efficiency: BrightPay Connect streamlines all essential HR tasks such as managing holiday requests or dealing with employee queries such as “can I have a copy of my last 3 payslips?”, freeing up time to focus on core business functions.
Centralised Document Management: The document upload feature gives managers the ability to centralise all employee information in one secure location, removing the “to do” paper files from desks and freeing up time.
Improved Communication: With company information stored centrally, all employees can be kept up-to-date on what is happening in the workplace, regardless of where they are located.
Security and Disaster Recovery: How secure is your filing cabinet? Are you sure nobody else can access it? In light of the GDPR regulations, data security is on everyone’s lips. BrightPay Connect is powered by Microsoft Azure and along with regular external penetration testing, it is one of the safest ways to store personal data securely.


Key HR Features

Employee Self-Servicing: Reduce Your Workload Immediately

The powerful and secure online portal for employees allows access to view and retrieve historic payslips and other payroll documents, eliminating requests to their manager. Employees can also update basic their personal details including address, contact details, and emergency contact details online. This will ultimately reduce administration duties for managers, thus empowering employees.


Annual Leave Management: Say Goodbye to Paper Trails and Excel Spreadsheets

Employees can submit holiday requests with a few simple clicks. Managers will be notified of the request immediately and can view the holiday calendar online before approving, ensuring that they always have sufficient cover. Employees’ remaining holiday balances will be automatically updated meaning everyone is always up-to-date.


Document Upload: Organise your Document Filing Securely

The powerful document upload feature allows managers to share documents with individuals, teams or the whole company at the touch of a button. Upload an individual’s contract of employment, performance or training records. Circulate team plans, training material or memos. Distribute the company handbook including all policies and procedures. The document upload feature ensures company documents are organised and that employees can access relevant information quickly and easily. The activity log allows managers and HR to record and track who has viewed circulated documents and who has not.


Company Messaging: Improve Company Communications Today

Whether it’s an important memo, the company newsletter, or details of the Christmas party, the notification system will transform internal communications. There is even a control feature which allows you to schedule company notifications in advance and specify how long notifications should be visible for.


Employee Calendar: Track Attendance at a Glance

The employee calendar allows managers to see at a glance who is on leave, when, and whether they are on annual leave, family leave or sick leave. The colour coded calendar highlights the various types of leave including sick leave, annual leave, and parenting leave, making staff scheduling and managing leave a walk-in-the-park.


Access and Control Flexibility

Managers have full online access and flexibility throughout BrightPay Connect:


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