Sep 2022


BrightPay Customer Update: October 2022

Welcome to BrightPay's October update. Our most important news this month includes

Webinar: Statutory Sick Pay 

Join us for our free upcoming webinar on everything to do with Statutory Sick Pay. During the webinar, we will explore how this new legislation will affect us all, and we will discuss the new responsibilities that are associated with it. 

Speed up the process of signing documents

Getting your clients' documents signed can be a difficult task. Surf Accounts Production offers an inbuilt electronic signing feature, allowing you to send documents digitally, track the signature's status, and download a fully signed version of the document. 

In action: BrightPay's integration with Surf Accounts

BrightPay and Surf Accounts have teamed up, making it easier to keep your payroll and accounting systems aligned. Our seamless integration allows you to save time, reduce errors and create cost efficiencies. Book your place now to avoid disappointment.

Time management tips for accountants in practice

It's tax season and managing your time effectively is critical for meeting deadlines and growing your practice. In Surf’s new free guide, learn essential tips that can help you to improve your time management and save you money. 

4 ways to boost your payroll profits

By using the right technology, payroll can be a profit machine for your practice. In this guide, discover how you can save time on tedious admin work, and boost the speed and security of your payroll processes today. 

Skyrocket your payroll processing speed in the cloud

In this free guide, learn how your business can cut the time it takes to distribute payslips, manage annual leave and back up your payroll data. Managing payroll and HR tasks has never been more seamless.

What you need to know about Statutory Sick Pay in Ireland

From 2023, paid sick leave is being phased in over a four-year period across the country – but what does this mean for you? We cover all the essential information you need to know in our latest blog post. 


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