Aug 2022


BrightPay Customer Update: September 2022

Welcome to BrightPay's September update. Our most important news this month include:

Free Webinar: Statutory Sick Pay

Join our free webinar on the 6th of September, where we will be sharing everything you need to know on Statutory Sick Pay, and other Irish Employment Law legislation changes for 2022. Once the new sick leave law has commenced, employees will be entitled to 3 paid sick days per year.

Integrate your payroll & payments process [bureau]

Payroll and payment workflows can be a headache for accountants and their clients. Join our free webinar on the 13th of September, where we will demonstrate BrightPay’s integration with payment platform, Modulr. Pay employees directly through BrightPay, saving you time and eliminating manual work.

Streamline your payroll workflow like never before [employer]

Join our webinar on the 6th of September at 10.00 am to discover 5 key ways you can boost the speed of your payroll process, from start to finish. From streamlining your annual leave management, to automatic payroll data backups.

Boost productivity through automation [bureaus]

How can your practice boost productivity? In tomorrow’s webinar, we'll look at how automating data extraction can improve your productivity, save you time, and allow you to focus more on what matters in your practice.

Simplify and speed up your accounting processes [employers]

Incorrect invoices, missing receipts and late payments; bookkeeping can certainly be a nightmare - but does it have to be? Surf Accounts, a cloud-based accounting software, can simplify and speed up your accounting processes.

Free guide: How to price payroll profitably [bureaus]

It can be difficult to offer payroll profitably to clients, as they can often see payroll as a simple, almost automatic task. This is of course, far from the truth, but how can you offer payroll profitably and do so confidently? We explain how, in this free guide.

6 ways to boost the speed of your payroll [employers]

Tasks such as annual leave management, distributing payslips and backing up your payroll data can often be quite tedious and time-consuming. In this free guide, we’ll zoom in on 6 exciting ways cloud technology can help boost your payroll processes today.

5 ways to support hybrid-working clients [bureaus]

Did you know that four out of five people no longer want to work in the office five days a week? Many companies are now looking for more long-term hybrid working solutions. Here are 5 ways you can support and enhance these working models for your clients.

How the cloud can improve your business’ security [employers]

All it takes is one accidental download or a mistyped email address to expose employees’ confidential payroll data to the wrong person. In our recent blog, we discuss three features your payroll software needs to ensure the complete security of your employees’ payroll data.


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