Jul 2022


BrightPay Customer Update: August 2022

Welcome to BrightPay's August update. Our most important news this month include:

Free Webinar: Are you making these pricing mistakes when it comes to payroll? [bureau]

It’s 2022, payroll can (and should) be a profitable service. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll be sharing the biggest mistakes accountants make when pricing payroll services, and 4 strategies you can implement to expand your client base and increase profit.

Free webinar: Top tips to keep your payroll and accounting systems aligned [employers]

Manually transferring payroll journal data to the general ledger in your accounting software can be tedious, time-consuming and can lead to errors. In next week’s webinar, discover how you can send payroll journals directly from BrightPay to the general ledger in accounting software, Surf Accounts, in just a few clicks.

Save time and reduce errors with an online client dashboard [bureau]

With BrightPay Connect’s online client dashboard, you can send your clients a summary of their payroll information, each pay period. Your clients can then make any changes to their employees' payroll or they can approve it. To learn how you can save time and reduce payroll errors, why not book a free 15-minute demo of BrightPay Connect.

How the cloud can improve your business’ security [employer]

Securing your business’ data should be your top priority. All it takes is one mistake for important data to end up in the wrong hands. Read our latest blog to discover 3 features of cloud payroll solutions that could help protect your business’ data.

How to prioritise compliance [bureaus]

How can you ensure all financial statements are automatically in line with the latest tax and legislative requirements? Surf Accounts Production has a dedicated compliance team in place to manage the complexity of compliance obligations.

Get paid faster with Surf Accounts [employers]

Sharpen up your billing process by using customisable templates, setting up recurring invoices, and by quickly converting quotes and orders to invoices. Save even more time by using the Surf Accounts app, and work from anywhere.

Strengthen client relationships by improving communication [bureaus]

The relationship between the client and the professional is no longer one-directional. What software has created is a new collaborative framework in which the payroll professional can thrive.

Payroll: There's an app for that [employers]

Improve employee satisfaction and make your life easier by introducing an employee app with powerful features. Employees can access the app securely, using their smartphone or tablet, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Employee paid sick leave: What you need to know

As of the 20th of July 2022, the Sick Leave Bill 2022 became law. Once the law is commenced, all Irish workers will be entitled to paid sick leave. The new scheme is to be phased in over four stages, over the next four years.


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