Jun 2022


Maximise efficiency and reduce errors when making payments

Automating your workflow in 2022 is the key to a successful business. The process of manually entering data is long gone, as automating tasks allows you to save time and reduce the number of repetitive tasks you manage.

BrightPay Payroll Software is now integrated with payment platform, Modulr, to provide a faster, easier and more reliable way to pay employees. The integration has created a more seamless way of paying your employees, saving you time for other tasks.

The importance of automating your payroll

Traditionally, employee payments are a time-consuming task that can cause major headaches for employers, when not done correctly. It can turn into an arduous process, especially when errors are made. As well as the time delays, when employees haven't been paid correctly or on time, it can damage employee morale. Errors that can occur when paying employees include:

  • Double entry or incorrect input of figures
  • Duplication of figures
  • Forgetting to add overtime, statutory leave pay etc.

At BrightPay, we want to make our customers' payroll journey as easy as possible. BrightPay’s integration with payment platform, Modulr, has taken away the manual data entry workload associated with making payments to employees, and eliminates the need to create bank files.

What is Modulr?

Modulr is a payment platform integrated into your payroll software and is a faster, easier and more reliable way to pay employees. Modulr offers a safe and reliable way of paying your employees as it has built in multi-factor authentication, meaning you must confirm your identity through an app on your mobile.

The integration allows employees to be paid on the same day when payments have been authorised on a business day before 2pm. This helps reduce payment errors as it gives you the opportunity to make any last-minute changes to the payroll, such as adding overtime pay.

How to pay employees using Modulr

  1. Once you’ve finalised your employees' payslips through BrightPay, simply click the “Pay” tab and on the drop-down menu click the “Modulr” button.
  2. On the next screen, simply click “continue”.
  3. When asked, enter your Modulr username and password and click “Sign in to Modulr”. If you do not have a Modulr account set up, you can simply sign up here.
  4. Once you’re signed into Modulr, you will be asked to authenticate your account using authentication app, Authy. For this to be successful, you will need to have the Authy app installed on your mobile device.
  5. Once prompted, follow the instructions on your screen.
  6. When you are signed into the Authy app, a match attempt will be made to your Modulr account using your employer registration number entered into your BrightPay employer file. Once both accounts have synchronized, your customer name will be displayed. If you’ve been given more than one customer name, simply click the one that is most applicable to you.
  7. If your employee's payment method has been set to credit transfer, it will be displayed for review and will be asked to put in the following details:
    • Pay from account – select the account you wish to make payment from
    • Payment date – choose your payment date
    • Payee – review the list of payees, and de-select any who are not included in this pay period
    • IBAN – Make sure the correct bank details are logged
    • Reference – enter a reference if you wish
    • Amount – this reflects the payment amount for each of your employees
  8. When ready, click “continue”.
  9. A summary of your payment request will be displayed on screen for review. When ready to submit your payment request, simply click “Send to Modulr”. One last request will be sent to your mobile device via the Authy authentication app.
  10. Once successful, confirmation of your payment request will be displayed via Modulr for final approval.

Although there are several steps to get your Modulr account set up and activated, once set up, it is an efficient way to pay your employees. As mentioned, employees can be paid on the same day, when payments have been processed on a business day before 2 pm. Otherwise, they will be paid on the next business day. Thanks to the integration, you can maximise efficiency while allowing you to process your employees payments with ease. Book a free demo of BrightPay today to learn more.

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