Jun 2022


BrightPay Customer Update: July 2022

Welcome to BrightPay's July update. Our most important news this month include:

Free Webinar: The secret to streamlining your payroll and payments process [bureau]

Discover in our upcoming webinar, how to make same-day payments to clients’ employees, when processed before 2 pm, directly from your payroll software. Our integration with payments platform, Modulr, offers faster, easier and more secure payments for your practice.

Free webinar: The importance of accounting systems and payroll systems working together [employers]

Say goodbye to manually entering payroll journal data into your accounting software. In our upcoming webinar, discover how BrightPay’s integration with Surf Accounts allows you to send payroll journals seamlessly to the general ledger in Surf Accounts - it couldn’t be any easier!

Be cyber-safe with BrightPay Connect [bureau]

How often do you back-up your clients’ payroll data? It's vital that you secure your payroll data regularly. In the event of a cyber-attack, you could lose your clients’ sensitive payroll information. Learn how you can keep your data safe with our cloud extension, BrightPay Connect.

How to edit your financial statements as you go [bureau]

Surf Accounts Production has been designed to allow you to edit financial statements 'on the fly,' while keeping you fully confident in your compliance. For more information, book an online demo with a product expert.

How to retain employees in 2022 [employers]

High employee turnover rates have become an issue for employers in 2022. Learn how an online employer portal and an employee app can be used to improve employee retention through autonomy, improved communication, and streamlined HR processes.

Integrate your payroll with Surf Accounts [employers]

BrightPay’s latest integration with Surf Accounts, allows users to send payroll journals directly into their accounting software. This will save you time, reduce errors, and improve your overall productivity. Register for our upcoming webinar on the 12th of July to see the software in action.

Living wage to replace minimum wage in Ireland by 2026

It was announced in June that the National Minimum Wage will be replaced by a living wage in 2026. The minimum wage rate will increase between now and 2026, closing the gap between the minimum and the new living wage.


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