Oct 2021


How to integrate AccountsIQ and BrightPay

At BrightPay we are continuously developing our suite of features in our payroll software to cater for the needs of our new and existing customers. Recently, we have developed direct API integration with accounting platform AccountsIQ as well as a number of other accounting software providers.

By using this direct API functionality, users can streamline their payroll and accounting processes allowing the payroll journal figures to be quickly and easily sent to the accounting package. This will eliminate the need to manually export and import the payroll journal files, reducing the risk of human error. This feature is a great way of automating payroll tasks and sets the standard for other payroll software providers. This must-have feature allows immediate data transfer from BrightPay to AccountsIQ with just the click of a button.

AccountsIQ are hosting a joint live webinar with BrightPay on 21st October where we will discuss the benefits of integrating your payroll and accounting software and demonstrate how you can streamline the entire process from start to finish. Discover how you can free up time for you to spend on other tasks that really need your attention. Book your place on the webinar here.

If you’re not currently using BrightPay but are interested in finding out more, book a free 15-minute online demo to get an overview of the software. You can also trial BrightPay for 60 days for free with no contracts or ties.

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