Our support lines are extremely busy as a result of the subsidy scheme being administered through payroll. Our Covid-19 help documentation will generally answer your query.

Please also note that all of our staff are working from home and may be answering your call in a sometimes chaotic environment. We appreciate your patience.

10 things you didn’t know about BrightPay

  1. BrightPay was introduced in 2013 by Thesaurus Software, creators of the number one payroll software in Ireland, Thesaurus Payroll Manager.

  2. Currently, our products are used to process payroll for over 250,000 businesses across Ireland and the UK. 

  3. BrightPay was designed with the user in mind. It’s easy to use and has a very clear interface, while providing superior functionality.

  4. BrightPay has more advanced functionality than Thesaurus, including the ability to add an unlimited number of payslip items, and enables flexible reporting with a built in report writer.

  5. Both Standard and Bureau licences of BrightPay include free phone and email support. 

  6. Our support team consists of 15 highly talented and friendly individuals. With a 99% customer satisfaction rate for BrightPay’s customer support, they are considered to be ‘the gem of the company’ by many customers.

  7. BrightPay has an optional cloud add-on product, BrightPay Connect. This facilitates automatic backups to a secure cloud portal, the ability to invite employees to their own self service portal, and includes HR features such as annual leave management and document uploads. Book a demo to find out more.

  8. Our development team are very responsive and try to fit as much features as possible into each release of BrightPay. 

  9. A UK version of BrightPay is also available. With the payroll landscape changing in Ireland over the coming years, including PAYE Modernisation and Automatic Enrolment, we have first hand experience of this in the UK.

  10. BrightPay’s sister product, Bright Contracts has also been around since 2013. Bright Contracts enables employers to seamlessly create employment contracts and staff handbooks. Book a demo of Bright Contracts to find out more.