Nov 2022


How an employee-app can help you manage HR responsibilities

As an employer, juggling all of your tasks can be quite difficult. Duties such as managing your employees and processing payroll can leave you feeling stressed. Without a HR department, these tasks can be very time consuming.

If hiring HR staff isn’t possible, the next best thing is an online employer dashboard and an employee self-service app that can help you manage your HR tasks, all from one place. Payroll software, BrightPay, has a cloud-extension called BrightPay Connect, which is an easy-to-use software that can act as an alternative to a HR department in your business.


Annual leave management

When employees want to book annual leave, often they have to request it by filling out a document, sending the request by email, or they may ask for the time off in person. Before dealing with the request, the employer may need to check what other employees are on leave at that time, and the employee could be left waiting for days or weeks to hear if their request had been granted. As well as this, with face-to-face requests, if not dealt with straight away, it’s easy for them to slip your mind. Processes like these can be inefficient and lead to employees being dissatisfied.

With BrightPay Connect, your employees have access to an online dashboard and a self-service app, where they can request time off from their laptop, tablet or smartphone, in just a few clicks. Once approved, the leave request will flow directly into the payroll software, eliminating the need for you to make any changes to your employees’ payroll information. This feature can help you manage and organise your employees’ leave more efficiently.

From the employer dashboard, you can view a companywide calendar where you can keep track of all types of employees’ leave, be that annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave or other types of leave.


Manage payslip distribution

In the digital world, distributing your employees’ payslips by paper or even email is now a thing of the past. Using these methods of distributing employees’ payslips can put your employees’ information at risk of a security breach. For example, paper payslips can easily fall into the wrong hands, or an email can be sent to the wrong email address. When you use BrightPay Connect, payslips are automatically shared with employees through a secure online portal. Employees will receive a push notification on their smartphone device when a new payslip becomes available, or they can log into BrightPay Connect through an internet browser to view their payslips. Additionally, BrightPay Connect keeps a history of your employees’ payslips which they can view or download at any time. This is convenient for both parties as it means employees won’t need to come to you to request copies of past payslips if they needed them for a loan or mortgage application, for example.


Manage and store important company handbooks

Do you find it difficult to get your employees to read important company updates or HR documents? BrightPay Connect enables you to send important updates to your employees via the employee self-service app, in a few clicks. You can share personal documents with individual employees such as a contract of employment, or you can share documents with multiple employees at the same time, such as a staff handbook or company policies. Through your own dashboard, you can see who has and hasn’t opened these documents, which makes it easy for you to track who has read them.

BrightPay Connect is a powerful cloud-extension that enables you to operate your business with ease. The online employer dashboard and the employee self-service app enables you to manage your employees’ leave requests, easily distribute your employees’ payslips and share documents with employees. As well as these HR benefits, through BrightPay Connect’s online dashboard, you have online access to your payroll data. BrightPay Connect automatically backs up your payroll data to the cloud every 15 minutes or each time you close out of the software.


If you are interested in learning more about BrightPay Connect, why not book a free 15-minute demo of the cloud software today and see how it can improve your business.


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