Apr 2019


BrightPay Customer Update: April 2019

Why employees love self-service apps (and you should too!)

As a concept, self-service is nothing new. From paying at the supermarket self-service checkouts to online banking, consumers don’t want to have to wait for something if they know they can get it themselves. It’s no different in the workplace. With a self-service system, employees can download payslips, request annual leave, look at policies and HR documents and update personal information - all without once contacting HR personnel.

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Say goodbye to sick days - A hidden benefit of BrightPay Connect

Some businesses have noticed a reduction in sick days since implementing employee self-service systems. As sick days are much more visible on screen to both employees and their managers, this likely acts as an incentive to keep sick days to a minimum. With BrightPay Connect, employees can view their annual leave and sick days instantly from their smartphone or tablet.

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Did you miss it? Watch our employment legislation webinar on demand now

New employment legislation was introduced in March bringing significant changes to employment law. The new Act requires employers to provide employees with key terms of employment in writing within 5 days of starting employment, as well as providing greater protection for those in casual working arrangements. This short webinar highlights the key legislative changes and gives practical advice to employers on how to comply.

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How BrightPay Connect is helping with GDPR

It’s been almost one year since the introduction of the GDPR; many businesses are reviewing their systems, processes and procedures on an ongoing basis to ensure they are doing their best to avoid hefty non-compliance penalties. Find out how BrightPay Connect can help your business comply with the GDPR legislation.

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Employee Self-Service: Reduce Your Workload Immediately

With BrightPay Connect, the powerful and secure online portal for employees gives them access to view and retrieve historic payslips and other payroll documents, eliminating requests to their manager. Employees can also update their basic personal details including address, contact details, and emergency contact details online. This will ultimately reduce administration duties for managers, thus empowering employees.

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