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What is BrightPay?

BrightPay is a simple but powerful payroll software package that makes managing payroll quick and easy. It's designed for small to medium sized businesses, accountants and other payroll bureau providers.

Why should I use it?

BrightPay has everything you need to manage payroll. It just works. It's easy to learn and use. It looks great. It's priced fairly with no hidden costs. Phone and email support is 100% free.

How much does it cost?

Single employer, unlimited employees €149
Multiple employers, unlimited employees €299

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Simply Powerful

When payroll gets complicated, BrightPay makes it simple. It has been built from scratch with a continual awareness of elegant, clutter-free user interface design. You'll feel right at home.

Feature Packed Software

If we were to list all of the payroll software features offered by BrightPay here, you'd have a lot of scrolling to do. Rest assured that it delivers it all, and delivers it well.

Unlimited Employees

Our payroll software does not set a limit on the number of employees you can add to your payroll. And there are no confusing price brackets that depend on the number of employees you have.

Payroll Bureau

The Bureau version of BrightPay is the perfect way to manage payroll for several employers. There is no limit on the number that can be set up and no confusing pricing structures.

Full ROS Compatibility

Starters, leaves, year end, and Revenue payments. BrightPay will guide you through the process of creating ROS compatible P45, P46, P45 Part 3, P35 and P30 files.

Back to the Future

In BrightPay, any employee (or group of employees) can be individually reverted back or progressed forward in the payroll year at any time. It's super flexible yet safe and simple.

Easy Payslips

Payslips can be emailed or exported to PDF at the click of a button. They can also be printed on A4 or A5 paper (blank or Thesaurus stationery). Handy customisation options let you do what you need.

Live pay calculation

As you enter payments, additions and deductions for your employees, a live payslip preview will automatically update to show you the calculated payslip values quickly and clearly.

Simple Period Navigation

BrightPay supports weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly and monthly payroll. The payroll screen gives a clear overview of all periods together and any period can be quickly accessed with one click.

Let BrightPay Remind You

Is an employee starting or leaving? Has an employee recently turned 66? BrightPay will let you know what is happening when and remind you what to do.

Your Data is Secure

Each employer set up in BrightPay requires a password to save and open. The payroll software stops you from performing actions which would invalidate or corrupt your payroll data.

Powerful Reporting

Our payroll software allows you to recall, view and analyse all your payroll data. Multiple reports can be opened together, saved or favourited, exported in popular formats, and printed.

Latest from the Blog.

Oct 15

Posted by
Audrey Mooney

Small Benefit Exemption Scheme - Increase in threshold

The Minister for Finance Michael Noonan is set to fast track an increase in the threshold for the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme. The current threshold is €250; this will double and will increase to €500. The last time the threshold was increased was in 2005 when it was increased from €100 to €250. The move is contained in the Finance Bill, published last week. The new rules were expected to be implemented from 1st January 2016 however, The Department of Finance say the change will be implemented in time for Christmas.

Under the Revenue Commissioner’s Approved Small Benefit Exemption Scheme employers can provide employees with a small benefit, this small benefit is not subject to PAYE, USC or PRSI.

The following rules apply:

• The benefit cannot be cash, cash payments are fully taxable
• Only one such benefit can be given to an employee in one tax year
• Where a benefit exceeds the threshold the full value of the benefit is subject to PAYE, USC & PRSI
• The benefit can not form part of a "salary sacrifice" scheme

The small benefit is traditionally given as a voucher often at Christmas, as mentioned above only one such benefit can be given to an employee in one tax year. Where more than one benefit is given in a tax year only the first benefit will qualify under the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme.

Full details of Finance Bill 2015 can be found on Revenue’s website

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